CoD Warzone MSI Afterburner OSD not working

Same here Belgium wtf

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Just log in to say that i feel you bro, not playing this season because of that, rivaturner cap fps really maked a change in gameplay performance.

Yeah its not working , i pretty much did everything moving files editing them etc warzone is not letting overlay i think maybe to the anticheat they are working on i think Afterburner needs to update it or RivaTuner does so its ( undetectable )

MSI Afterburner not working after the update of new season

same here not working

OSD not showing too, Season 5 Update not working! from Germany

MSI Afterburner still does not work, it only happens with COD Warzone. I hope they solve the problem soon, it shouldn’t be that such a huge company does not answer the call of its users. Greets from Chile. :chile:

It’s working now, they fixed it in last update i think :smiley: