Complainment: Unfair trading practice


I want to complain about the process of Blizzards “Buy credit” offer. I wanted to buy Black Ops Cold War using the App. I wasnt able to get the game with a paypal-payment due to Server 500 Error in the Browser(therefore I wasnt able to login Blizzard for finishing the payment). Instead of I bought a credit to the exact amount of the games price. Just before finishing the process I was told, that the activation of the Blizzard Credit might take about 10 minutes. That was important for me because I obviously wanted to start playing as soon as possible. Just after finishing the payment I suddenly was told that it might take 1-3 days for the Purchase to be finished. In the worst case I´ll have to wait 3 DAYS for a digital online buy now after being told that it might at max take about 10 minutes. First: This duration for a digital transaction only is a shame for a company with Blizzards size. You dont even have to send any Hardware. Second: This is an unfair trade practice giving the consumer misleading informations.

I cant even describe the level of my anger.