Connection loss

Error - connection to the server is displayed very often, despite net is OK
Connection to the Blizzard game server has been lost. Please exit and try later again.
error code: BLZBNTBGS7FFFFF00
What to do with it

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What game is this for ?

Are you launching your game via the Battle.Net Desktop App ?

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Having a lot of network issues with D4 lately as well. It is getting really really bad.

I have several separate WAN connections, one which is a monitored and managed business connection with service level guarantees. It still disconnects from blizzard and at times they just seem to have problems. You might expect it at the time of a new launch etc but nothing recently has been so wildly successful as far as I know and yet the issues keep coming and disconnects keep happening.

I wouldn’t even try hardcore mode as it would be impossible to play in this state.


This forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Legacy Games… old games such as Diablo II (2000).

Diablo IV has its own forums and you need to use them for anything related to that game.

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