Could someone help with this problem Warzone COD

I need help can’t open the game today and yesterday all 2 days can’t even open the game What is wrong today is it my pc or connection problem or server problem

**unable to access online serves **
and another massage
**you have been disconnected from call of duty modern warfare server **

Hey Gregnymite,

I would suggest that you try the steps mentioned in this article.

If that doesn’t help, please contact the support from Activision in here.

ok thanks I will see what I can do

i wouldnt bother as this company is a joke . the servers where down due to this lot and has been having problems all day. yet another great job from this top company lol. guess you get what you pay for an terrible customer service and just such por servers but its all cheap for activision. so only one winner not the people who buy this crap

Still the same problem after many years, many updates. “Not connecting to the server, return to desktop”.