Crowded Sage is bugged

Hi everyone.

I wanted to play around Crowded Sage and Temerity a bit, to see if a tanky build was viable. It seemed okay but I felt like I wasn’t as tanky as I should be, so I ran a little test:

I have 17911 life, after a successful dodge I’m supposed to be healed by 18% of my Maximum Life via Crowded Sage. I was full life and dodged an attack, thus proccing Temerity and giving me a barrier of… 730, instead of 17911*0.18 = 3226 (not even talking about the +healing on my stuff, like the 21% on Temerity)

So either Crowded Sage works with Base Life or Temerity has a diminishing return hidden somewhere.

Anyone seen anything identical?

My whole build revolved around the intrication of those two items… Trying to play something different with a new affix and this thing being bugged is a bit disappointing, especially when it’s a tier C interaction x)


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