D2 LOD Cant connect to battle.net fresh buy and install

Hi I have bought D2, and D2 LOD, and can’t connect to battle.net.

I was able to do the update by running it in admin, but now it just keeps saying Battle.net Is not responding. Please try again in a few minutes.

This has been going on for couple days now, I would just really like to play this game, or a refund, I can’t seem to even get help with that.


Same here. Bought both D2 and LoD.

Whenever go to battlenet section and want to interact with it game crashes with Game initialization Failed.

It did update it to latest version automatically the first time I clicked battlenet but now it’s completely unpleyable.

Reinstalled it like 30 times. No go.

Is battlenet for diablo2 still up? How can I create an account and play?

Blizzard we need your help here!!!

I have same problem.

Fresh install from original website.
Updated to 1.14d.

Checking version…

Somebody can help us, please?