D2 LoD - Can't login to battlenet


I Can’t login to battlenet in Diablo 2 LoD because I have no way to type my battlenet login : I tried to use my email but it is too long for the login field.
Tried to use my account name too but the # character can’t be typed in this field.

How can I login to my battlenet account in this game ? Thanks a lot for your help.

EDIT : I forgot to mention I’m playing on MacOS Mojave

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Good morning Dementia,

It is never an email address as an account name but a name you individualy choose. Have you tried the name without the # ? If you need further assistance I’d suggest to open a ticket because our colleagues should be able to remind you of your account name.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?


Hi, I have issues today with connecting to the BattleNet. Each time it says YOU WERE DISCONECTED FROM BATTLE NET. I have tried VPN with no luck :frowning: Also reinstalled diablo and cleared diablo cache - Please help

Good morning Nettmanek,

This could mean that a temporary suspension was placed on your CD-Key and/or IP. To find this out, please get in touch via ticket as we here can’t check this for you.

Kind regards

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Just wanted to let you know that as a buyer of diablo 2 and more blizzard games the years after that i am wery frustrated about the fact that you guys can lock my ip out from bnet in diablo 2 for no apparent reason.

I have played on and off sence the release of the game, and now it seems i cant even trade anymore because i change character to fast to get the trade done, hence being temp banned for some time.

Never used any 3part software or bots, it seems that trading is also a bannable offence these days.

As a seasoned gamer i get frustrated about all the bots i see when i am online, and when i finally have a trade i can do i switch chars to fast and get locked.

This means i am locked from playing this old game that i bought near 20 years ago for no reason at all, trading is not against any rules, and by locking normal behaviour like that you just erouse anger.

I dont know about the rest of the diablo 2 gamers, but i dont have all my items on 1 character, some chars find an item i can sell, means i have to change to that character to sell this perticular item, and now this is not allowed i guess.

Wery frustrated temp banned old time player on the blizzard realms.

I know this have been vented before, but still its wery fristrating to be handled like a criminal abuser of your game, it truly ruined the fresh start i did in diablo 2 some weeks ago.

Thank you


@Thunder, I hear you. I’m a father, trying to squeeze in an hour of playtime, but instead I’m on the forum and ticket support because my clean install supposedly violated the terms and conditions.

I have a restriction until 22nd of November for doing nothing. I feel cheated, outraged, and helpless.

I’ve played diablo 2 for over 8 years, and this security ordeal (which they f***** up stupendously, seeing the sheer amount of issues with it… I feel they ruined one of my most nostalgic gaming experiences.

Thanks blizzard. You’re the best.


I also use Mojave MacOS & have Diablo 2 without LOD Patched to 1.14D.

I am also unable to login with BattleNet.

My other post doesn’t get a response like this one so i repost it here.

Also on Single player my party ( the helper i recruited) fails to keep following me after a while & just stands frozen.

I hope you fix this asap

Maximus, what is the error you are getting on BattleNet?

A lot of players experience the “… please reconnect” error and appear to be restricted access when asked in tickets?

I’d recommend you filing a support ticket to get more information about the connection issue.

I just started diablo 2 and have 1-2days of not having any problems…now i tryed to log in battle net and i get the “applicaton version problem” tryed with compatibility/reinstaling the game/install in diff folder etc so far nothing

Numbers on Password not work too.
I need play on battlenet for Annihilus.
On my way is not possible change password.
I have official version bougt on Blizzard store.
Where is no way there is time for cheat ill go Moded version if is problem ban my game my actual profile from i write this.

Good day.

Same shit for me , bought and downloaded d2 & d2LoD from Blizz , installed ,and updated to version 1.14d , then stucked , unable to connect to Battlenet. How the F**k can i be temp banned b4 even started an account ?
Played d2 from release and a couple of years then switched to wow , now wanted to have some nostalgia but apparently not.
Just canceled my 14 year long WoW subscription ( yeah , ragequit =) )

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Just bought D2 and can’t log in with me and my boys’ battle net accounts, had to make new accounts just to be able to play. Weak Blizzard, weak.


Hi! Ive the same problem with d2 when i am trying to connect to battle.net. ive downloaded and installed both and have reddeemed the cd keys?

Just bought it and when i try to log in to battle.net it it won’t let me because of wrong password even when i made a new one twice.

Hi! I can’t to login to batlle net. “checking versions” in ~2 minutes, than “battle.net is not responding. Please try again in a few minutes”. From 07.02.2020


I’m experiencing the same issue as of today. Any answer?

Same thing here for me and my friend, havent played the game in like 15 years, bought it fresh from the shop. Clicked battle.net in the game and we both can’t connect. (you have been disconnected)
Tried everything. This is a serious fuck up blizzard. And please dont come responding with “it seems like you have been temp banned” cause all i can say is “it seems like your dev team has the iq of a lama coming up with systems like this”.

Can’t believe Blizzard is doing nothing for this. Nobody from blizzard actually answer people here its so wrong. Bought both games brand new and have not been able to play either. Checking versions cant connect to bnet… so frustrating how can they let this happen not even trying to help. I feel scammed, i bought a brand new diablo 2 and lod so i dont have to deal with all compatibility crap and can’t even play. They simply ignore this.

Servers were down in Europe so I went over to US East, created an account and played for a couple of hours. Came back to Europe to discover that someone else, my name, is using my account and therefore I can’t play. Been nearly 24hrs now and I still can’t log into Battlenet. This is stupid !

I share youre frustration about how the battle net support works out. for no appernt reason Ive got the same ban for two weeks, being accused using VPN which I`m not.

Been playing diablo since its first version, and the main time was spend happily on diablo II about twenty years ago. I was attacked by nostalgia the other day and decided to buy Diablo 2 and LOD, and since then didn`t play at all. spend yesterday an hour trying to understand what I need to do.

must say, battle-net always had it`s problems, but it seems things got even worse nowadays. Ruined all my passion to play…