D2 LoD - Can't login to battlenet


I Can’t login to battlenet in Diablo 2 LoD because I have no way to type my battlenet login : I tried to use my email but it is too long for the login field.
Tried to use my account name too but the # character can’t be typed in this field.

How can I login to my battlenet account in this game ? Thanks a lot for your help.

EDIT : I forgot to mention I’m playing on MacOS Mojave

Good morning Dementia,

It is never an email address as an account name but a name you individualy choose. Have you tried the name without the # ? If you need further assistance I’d suggest to open a ticket because our colleagues should be able to remind you of your account name.

Kind regards

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Hi, I have issues today with connecting to the BattleNet. Each time it says YOU WERE DISCONECTED FROM BATTLE NET. I have tried VPN with no luck :frowning: Also reinstalled diablo and cleared diablo cache - Please help

Good morning Nettmanek,

This could mean that a temporary suspension was placed on your CD-Key and/or IP. To find this out, please get in touch via ticket as we here can’t check this for you.

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Just wanted to let you know that as a buyer of diablo 2 and more blizzard games the years after that i am wery frustrated about the fact that you guys can lock my ip out from bnet in diablo 2 for no apparent reason.

I have played on and off sence the release of the game, and now it seems i cant even trade anymore because i change character to fast to get the trade done, hence being temp banned for some time.

Never used any 3part software or bots, it seems that trading is also a bannable offence these days.

As a seasoned gamer i get frustrated about all the bots i see when i am online, and when i finally have a trade i can do i switch chars to fast and get locked.

This means i am locked from playing this old game that i bought near 20 years ago for no reason at all, trading is not against any rules, and by locking normal behaviour like that you just erouse anger.

I dont know about the rest of the diablo 2 gamers, but i dont have all my items on 1 character, some chars find an item i can sell, means i have to change to that character to sell this perticular item, and now this is not allowed i guess.

Wery frustrated temp banned old time player on the blizzard realms.

I know this have been vented before, but still its wery fristrating to be handled like a criminal abuser of your game, it truly ruined the fresh start i did in diablo 2 some weeks ago.

Thank you

@Thunder, I hear you. I’m a father, trying to squeeze in an hour of playtime, but instead I’m on the forum and ticket support because my clean install supposedly violated the terms and conditions.

I have a restriction until 22nd of November for doing nothing. I feel cheated, outraged, and helpless.

I’ve played diablo 2 for over 8 years, and this security ordeal (which they f***** up stupendously, seeing the sheer amount of issues with it… I feel they ruined one of my most nostalgic gaming experiences.

Thanks blizzard. You’re the best.


I also use Mojave MacOS & have Diablo 2 without LOD Patched to 1.14D.

I am also unable to login with BattleNet.

My other post doesn’t get a response like this one so i repost it here.

Also on Single player my party ( the helper i recruited) fails to keep following me after a while & just stands frozen.

I hope you fix this asap

Maximus, what is the error you are getting on BattleNet?

A lot of players experience the “… please reconnect” error and appear to be restricted access when asked in tickets?

I’d recommend you filing a support ticket to get more information about the connection issue.

I just started diablo 2 and have 1-2days of not having any problems…now i tryed to log in battle net and i get the “applicaton version problem” tryed with compatibility/reinstaling the game/install in diff folder etc so far nothing

Numbers on Password not work too.
I need play on battlenet for Annihilus.
On my way is not possible change password.
I have official version bougt on Blizzard store.
Where is no way there is time for cheat ill go Moded version if is problem ban my game my actual profile from i write this.

Good day.

Same shit for me , bought and downloaded d2 & d2LoD from Blizz , installed ,and updated to version 1.14d , then stucked , unable to connect to Battlenet. How the F**k can i be temp banned b4 even started an account ?
Played d2 from release and a couple of years then switched to wow , now wanted to have some nostalgia but apparently not.
Just canceled my 14 year long WoW subscription ( yeah , ragequit =) )