D2R Game Refundable?

Could literally not play this game.
Service not provided as promissed (launch on 23.09.)
New World needs to fix this.

Soo… refund possible ?
Was done with the last catastrophic game realease from blizzard as well (WC)

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I want refund to, what the hell are blizzard doing, epic fail ! 20 years old game.

I want refund it to, looks like blizzard shit on payers, 20 years old and they fail so hard


Yes… a refund is still possible.

Click on the “Continue” button at the bottom of this page:

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We had far more players trying to login at launch than anticipated and this did cause some issues, we have added capacity to resolve this, sorry about that.
EP of Diablo Rod Fergusson commented on this issue here.

If you wish to request a refund for your purchase then you can do that here.

Can u give us a straight answer at least, if we old CPU users will be able to play the game or not ? If we cant we can ask for refund at least…saying u are working on the issue and saying “sorry about that” is not an answer…


The game doesn’t work and even the refund system doesn’t work: “Sorry, this order is not eligible for refund. You have too much playtime on this game.”

what is that supposed to mean?

I would be embarrassed to work at blizzard.


What a liars saying that we can refund…And when im trying to Refund this shit i payed for and i cant play this is what im getting… “None of your orders are eligible for refund
Make sure you are signed into the correct account”

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Can’t believe how they treat their customers. Telling us that we can request a refund, which then gets instantly denied.


could be nice to know, why it is still not working though!

Going to get a refund and instead pay a NEW game that is free. POE is better and doesn’t rip us off for £35.

Good luck I got my refund request instantly denied.

Blockquote We had far more players trying to login at launch than anticipated and this did cause some issues
This is stated every time something goes wrong. Change the record mate.

“Sorry, this order is not eligible for refund.
A penalty has been applied to this account too recently.”

They refuse to refund me cuz I have a temporary chat ban in another game - WoW :smiley: Activision deserve to rot and not get any more money from us.

I cant even start the game…

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I honestly hope this is the collapse of Blizzard.

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Aaaaaaand we still cant play the game we paid for… this is so great…

All online purchases are by law refundable within 14 days

Hey Blizzard employees, why are you active here but completely absent from the US forums?

There are the EU Classic Games Tech Forums. The EU Diablo II Resurrected forums can be found here.