D2R Servers out of service AGAIN

What the hell happened to Diablo 2 Resurrected and the servers? when I try to play, the servers are ALWAYS out

I’ve only been able to play once since last Friday (Monday night).

If you (Blizzard) can’t maintain the servers, return the money to the clients. Your servers are worse than the servers of the New World…


Yeah that’s annoying, when I have finally time to play, game doesn’t work.

This is not acceptable, 4th day now after work, same story, server down. I had hope with new nvidia drivers out to fix some random crashes on win10, but it doesn’t matter if the server is down all the time. BIG TIME for an explanation to all of us WHY SERVER IS DOWN.

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Yeah it’s disgustingly bad. I shouldn’t have ignored my misgivings towards Blizzard, gone from making my all time favourites to absolute garbage. Last Blizzard title I buy that’s f’sure.

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Its crazy, almost every day I just cant login, what is the point of buying the game!

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My mind cant comprehend how can they fuck up the servers of a game that is 20 + years old and is not so populated .Every single fucking day,some shit with this god damn diablo

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20 years ago !!! When Blizzard did something they gave info ingame with a countdown, nowdays they just shutdown the servers and have none status info …


same story today, server down after 15.00-16.00, they used to be up again between 19.00-20.00 EU server atleast. 5th time in a row now… like people come home from work after 16.00 and wanna play server down, can’t handle the pressure?.

Ok, so that how is Works like.
I was afraid it is only my problem, but now i can see this is a global problem.

I am an Xbox player and i have this same issue. I didn’t eaven play from last monday 11-10-2021, and till nie inhave no access to the servers at all.

It is really annoying to try and join games. Errors 80% of the time I try to join games. Hope this gets fixed soon!

Blizzard seems to have too many unsolved issues with Diablo Resurrected.