D4 Beta crashed after 5 mins with data corruption

Okay so i downloaded the game 100%, updated, scanned, then waited 2hrs to be able to login. Let’s say i can forgive that once, due to the high demand and hype (as i didn’t plan to log out til the test ends anyway lol). However, I cannot really forget what happened after only i have played 5 freaking mins, and the game crashed saying Data corrupted run scan and repair from options bla bla bla… i clicked ok, it closed the app, and me naive thinking they might have released an update or whatever and hence why. Update check nothing, up to date, scan and repair all gone through no problems to fix. And now i am back to a 60+ min queue again. At least Blizzard, you could save the individuals login ticket for 5-10 mins to be able to rejoin without queue, in any case of sudden connection drop/loss or due to a bug happening we are forced to close the app. Therefore we would really have a chance to try the game and help with development. I hope you fix that. Thanks.