D4 crasches step by step or login by login

  1. login… game crash after character creation…
  2. login… queue 128 ok… but crash…
  3. login… login… and crash… “repair game or client”
  4. login… crash after first video scene…
  5. login… first play ! crash before first quest “Out of Memory”
  6. login… second play! and crash fter first quest, cut scene at inn freeze
  7. login… still pending

my HW : i7 9700K, RTX2080, 32GB Ram, OS: Win11 pro , resolution 3440x1440 (all drivers fully updated, clean win11 instalation )
I hope, that next beta test U improve all servers and game will be more stabil… good luck!


Please use the new Diablo IV forums: https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/d4/

Also, there is an update topic on the Americas forums on queues and server disconnects:

Turn on your pagefile for point 5

My computer locks up after starting the the early beta. Have to push the power button to
restart. So playing the beta is impossible for me