Delve scaling decision :(

It seems the devs decided to do the same with delves as they did with Torghast - the rewards scale with the number of players.

I believe this is wrong.

Why punish people who want to play solo or in pairs, small groups? They should be able to get the same gear as others.

A while ago someone started a Discord group for people who didn’t really want to use group finder because they didn’t fancy playing with people who’d, well… basically, shout at them. They hoped to get enough people together for a dungeon run. They were amazed when they got over 3,500 in the first day and had to make new Discord groups. Most people in the groups said they don’t want to group up, they feel they have to or their gear will be rubbish.

Please listen to them! Don’t try to force them into your view, devs, listen to your customers - or potential customers…

We were thinking of coming back in the new expansion, thinking the new delve feature would mean the two of us could play together without needing to look for people to group with. But no, same old design choices it seems. So we won’t be coming back as things stand. A shame, because we enjoyed playing WoW together, but feeling like the poor relations is not fun.

Group content with strangers should be optional. And yes, I know it’s an online MMO, but trading etc is a factor too along with things like large scale pvp, it’s not just about collaborative play.


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