Diablo 1, what's the deal?

Can’t seem to load the game up. Managed to get past the Direct X issue and now when I load in my screen stays black after the Blizzard North logo.

Anyone had this?

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Yes, many of us have had that issue. It doesn’t always make it to the menu. For me, I just keep trying and don’t click anything until the menu shows up. It seems to be a problem with DirectX. It takes several tries.

You may need check through these threads for additional help.

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Try either using a DirectDraw dll wrapper, or run the game via DevilutionX, that should solve the issue.

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DevilutionX , i love this app … now comes the question …"why did i buy the crappy - non-working version from the blizzard app :expressionless: ? " when i did had the gog version in my collection :expressionless: … i realy hope they do something about it and was not just a cash grab targeting nostalgic people like me :frowning:

first you can instal direct x 9c and after that you can right click on the diablo icon on the desktop and check it to open in compatibility mode for windows xp sp2 or sp3 , run as administrator and it should open and work with some graphical artefacts in the meniu … or so it did for me …still can open 6112 port to play on the battlenet

Arh glad you like it. Are you using it on Android or also on PC?

Sadly the bnet release feels more like hitting a checkbox then anything else, epecially since the GOG release is very similar except it works better :confused:

I guess we can only hope that it means Blizzard has a bit of renewed interest in the game and maybe something will come in the future.