Diablo 2 account restore

Hi , can you guys restore my old diablo 2 account?

Hello KaToM!

Diablo 2 accounts are permanently deleted if unused for more than 90 days, and in such cases I am afraid I have to inform you that no restoration is possible :frowning:

Hello KaToM!

Please boycott blizzard entertainment. They are litterally worse than hitler.

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Hello my account does not need restored I just cant remember the password, i care less about the acc “JKS” and more about the character name on the acc “FARMHAND” its the name i have used for my barbarian since 2004 please lmk if there is anything you can do to help me please.

so sad that blizzard actually strict enforced account deletion for players who had been checking in on their diablo 2 accounts randomly over the last decade, what an out of touch and bad company blizzard has turned into, very sad.

You’re going to have to do more than boycotts. You will have to penetrate the owners and hope they can be convinced of these evil USA employees.