Diablo 2 botting

what is the reason why you fully tolerate botting in Diablo 2? All Baalruns are automated, ladder is full of 95+ chars, economic is bad. Why don’t you time to time join few games and delete some of these characters, if you are not able to detect them automatically?
I love Diablo 2, but social aspect is gone. Noone can play more than bot, noone can be more effective than bot, noone can grab items faster than bot…
For me now it looks like playground for scripters.
I feel I will leave Diablo 2 soon again. And I won’t be alone…

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Hello SiQ.

Botting and cheating in general is not tolerated in any of our games, and we do take action against all players caught to be in violation of the terms of use.

Should you wish to file a report for one or more players, you can find here details on how to do so.

While I appreciate a blue response on this issue finally, I would suggest Blizzard themselves do the investigations and banning.

It wouldn’t take much for people to get the message.

Out of the USEAST NonLadder games list, about 95% of them are bot games.

You can tell because they have a “-xx” at the end of the game names, like “gz cbaal-19”. This is due to the way bots create successive games.

This is only counting public bots (a lot of them advertise their websites via the “!x” command. For example, “!visit d2station[dot]com today for best deals!” They will load like 3 runners into the game and nonstop spam this type of stuff to get around the spam filter blizzard implemented 3 years ago (which worked for a while, until spammers found this method).

Once in the game it’s really, really obvious when someone is botting. They will say the same messages every game, like before diablo kill they will say “diablo kill # 243” or something like that.

Or when they make a tp they will say “safe tp!” or “hot tp!”

I don’t know if d2 game masters have access to private, passworded games (this is what the more paranoid botters will use), but if so, you should also snoop around in any game that has numbers in the end, or with numbers that keep on increasing. This is a flag that the game is probably run by botters, which can be confirmed by observing the behavior in game.

If there are 100 ppl botting at a time, and 25 of them get (8), then they will spread the word and botting will be curbed.

The goal isn’t to stop all botters using this method. It’s to send the message to cheaters that there ARE CONSEQUENCES and blizzard IS WATCHING.

That’s all we need for now, until you guys hire a 16 year old high school dropout to take 10 minutes to look at the kolbot source code and figure out a signature so you can unambiguously (8) via automated processes like in 11/2017.


Face it, great game in the wrong hands. Diablo 1 and 2 did everything right, but than they got into the wrong Hands. The runeword Enigma destroyed the fun and the Bots destroyed partygameplay. D2 atm is a broken because of the bots and the none care politic of Blizzad. Sadly, because it had/has still a lot of players and potential. Play it with friends, do not support the bots or item selling pages and play it for fun. That is the only way to enjoy Diablo 2 in 2020.

Game itself is great and number of active players just proofs that. But Blizzard attitude is just a middle finger shown to all legit players…
Everyone who plays game for one hour can say you “who is the bot”. No technology is needed to discover it…

Agree with Enigma. That RW is great… It is too great… It so great that it totally destroyed RPG system where characters have strenghts and weaknesses and they complement each other. Sorc could tele, but can be easily killed. So she needed barb to give bo etc.
But Blizzard said “thats boring, lets give teleport and BO to anyone and some other cool bonuses so anyone can handle 8 players game alone”…

Its fairly easy to detect bots, how come this site is able to do it, but you are not? d2info c o m

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