DIABLO 2 Do not get the Password reset e-mail

Dear reader,

I have been playing Dia LOD for a very long time but since a couple of weeks i am not able to enter my accounts: Grot_2018 and Grot_2019 i am sure i connected them to my e-mail adres but i do not receive the Password reset e-mail. I heard that Blizzard is no longer helping with fixing problems for dia2 but please help me out here.

Kind regards!

Same here.

I just bought Diablo 2 with the DLC, registered, and forgot my password. I registered an e-mail to my account, so I tried to reset my pass, but I didn’t get the reset mail. The funny part is that after this I tried to change my registered mail address and I could do that without any problems, but I still don’t get the password reset mails.

We wanted to buy a pack of D2 games with some friends, but it is out of question now. This is a very serious issue and Blizzard don’t care about it, so let’s not give them money anymore. Time to find a good private server.