Diablo 2 files disapear. A phantom folder?

Windows 7. So I download the installers. I run them in admin with compatibility and even 256. No configuration of all of those settings changes anything.

So Install. 3 Script errors. 3 yes or 3 no, doesn’t matter. Opens up a window asking where to install. Program files. Done. Exit installer. Install LoD, done. Play. Cannot connect to servers?

Close. Go to restart it. Wait where is it? Okay no desktop icon. Got to program files. Wait it’s not there! Search the hard drive. NOTHING but the installers in the downloads folder.

Reboot. Same!

Okay reinstall. Double click download installer. It asks where I want to install. Wait! The files are there!!! CTRL + Shift right mouse. Open in new process. It’s all there!!!

Close it and open a normal window, it’s not there!

So it seems I can only see it through the blizzard downloader installer. LOL Ummmm…

What’s going on?