Diablo 2 Gold Edition key issue


I recently bought a Diablo 2 Gold Edition key at an online store (not sure if I am allowed to name it or link to it) and I have since redeemed the code. When I redeemed it on my Battle.net account, it made me eligible to download classic Diablo 2, but when I try to enter it into the Lord of Destruction installer, it says the key is invalid. It kind of makes sense, since the key is registered to Diablo 2 on my account. My question is, is the Diablo 2 Gold Edition in fact two keys, one for each of the base game and the expansion or is it one key that should have provided me with some sort of “bundle” pack? Does anyone know, by chance?

Best regards, Søren

Hey Buddy,

If you check the Account Management on the site and go to the Classic Games at the bottom, it should have CD keys there for you that you can enter in-game.

This issue is caused by the older D2 keys only be 16 digits but when you claim them to your account it converts them into 26 digit codes.

Do not install D2 from a CD, use the installer you can download and then it should accept your 26 digit code :slight_smile:

You can find the above and some additional information on the topic here.

All the best and enjoy!

Hey Schwayjeck

Thank you for your reply, and the tips to get my problem solved. I actually ended up going numerous old moving boxes through, and found my old retail disc from back in the day. I downloaded the installer and just typed in the key I had on the disc. It worked!

Bonus information: The disc itself did not have a single scratch on it and was like brand new. Most likely due to the fact that i bought the game, put it in the cd tray and did not take it out once, for many many years while playing the game. I thought that was kind of funny… But I am 40 years old, and nostalgic, so what can you do?!..

Best regards, Søren


I have the same problem. I redeemed the Diablo 2: Gold Edition code but it only activated the Diablo 2 Classic in my account and I didn’t get the LoD. I even checked the Classic games as you supposed but I see only Diablo 2 classic there without Lord of Destruction. Do you have any more suggestions?

I thank you in advance for any advice,

The same has happened to me literally just now Counsellor, bought the gold edition from cdkeys and when redeemed it has only given me the base game, no LOD expansion.

Be nice to get a proper response from a blue in the know, has nothing to do with cd key lengths, its not awarding both keys as it should upon redemption.

Just an update on this issue for me - I sent in a support ticket on the third party key site letting them know they had either wrongly issued me just a base diablo 2 key or the key issuing system was on the blink and hadn’t sent me the second code as it should have.

I suggested that their resolution could be either send me a LoD key or refund me half the original gold cost so I could buy LoD separately.

Failing that I would contest via PayPal.

Lo and behold I had another key appear under the original order a few hours later - which turned out to be LoD - all is right with the world.

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