Diablo 2 installation

Hello! If i purchase D2 from the blizzard platform (for 9,99 euro), do I need to buy a cd key from another store for it to work or is that all I have to do? Can somebody help me, please?

You will have a License Key on your account settings required to install the game.

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Did you fix the problem MiniNinja? I have the same problem myself.
I see that i got a License Key but this is not the same as cd-key, if i try to enter this as my cd-key it only said the key was invalid.
What to do ??

Hi there!

@MiniNinja: As the other said, once you’ve bought the game you can download it here. Log in to the installer with your Battlenet account and you’ll be good to go :slight_smile:
If you play on Mac you’ll need to contact support for a CD key, but for Windows you don’t ^^

@Rinker: Have you downloaded the new installer? This should ask either for a game key or your Battlenet login. The latter has the game key attached to it :slight_smile:

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i have diablo 2 and expansion set on my olds cd s,but i dont have a cd-reader to put the cd in it so i downloaded d2 and d2 lod from blizzard and when im tring to install it the instaler ask me to put the 26 characters …on my old cd case the cd key is like xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx so in 16 characters…so what i do???

Hey there PARA ^^

In order to get the keys for the digital installer, you just need to register your old codes on your Battle.net account via the “Redeem a Code” field.

Once this is done, you’ll have the 26 digits keys available in your Games & Subscriptions page ^^

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what if it’s just keep saying this code is already used?
I got 2x keys but I can not ‘‘Redeem a code’’ at all?

I bought Diablo 2 (without LOD) today. After installation complete I clicked “Play” but there was no response. I tried 3 times but I could not handle it. I am in need of your help asap.


What should I do to play Diablo 2 act 5 level?

I downloaded Diablo 2 and was able to play as much as Act4.
Act5 and Diablo 2 - Uber Tristram go to fight.
I don’t know how to do it.

I downloaded the Diablo 2 installer , but when i run it, it says “Script error”
Line: 151
Character: 1
Error: the object doesnt support the property odr method “keys”
Code: 0
URL: https://www.blizzard.com/de-de/store/downloaders/panes/d2htm

Do you want scripts to continue running on this page?

after that i get 3 other error messages. im not asked for a key or login. After Downloading i can run the installer.exe which opens a Setup remotely similar to the CD setup back then… but the only working button is the “Exit” button… what did i do wrong? btw the download-client looks as if it was made by a 13 year old… still not sure if i didnt load a virus ifested rip-off…
can you help me with that?


I have the exact same problem.
During the last few days I have tried 3 or 4 times to install it, remove it completely and even redownload the installer again 2 more times but I keep getting the same error that you mention.
I also tried in compatibility mode and as administrator.

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Hello Guru,

First please avoid bumping old topics you can just make a new one with your specific issue.

Usually the “Script error” happens, when the Diablo II download folder is on a different partition of Windows.

  • Copy Diablo II Download folder to the Windows partition (usually C:).
  • Rerun the installation (for the installation you can choose a different partition).

I too am also getting the same script error as Gunman when launching the Diablo 2 installer.

Running Windows 10 Pro, Build 18363

Hi Shilmael - I’m getting the same issue as Gunman
“I downloaded the Diablo 2 installer , but when i run it, it says “Script error”
Line: 151
Character: 1
Error: the object doesnt support the property odr method “keys”
Code: 0
URL: https://www.blizzard.com/de-de/store/downloaders/panes/d2htm 36”

I’ve tried running the installer under the C: drive but still getting errors from script. Game appears to download. I run it and get past Blizzard screens, but the title screen is flashing and only showing certain segments.

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I’ve got script error problem too. Here is the journal of the downloader. I don’T understand why it tries to connect to WoW tracker: (i removed http and changed points for _)

02/14/21 11:41:15.8376 Downloader initializing…
02/14/21 11:41:15.8459 Creating Firewall interface
02/14/21 11:41:15.8478 Success!
02/14/21 11:41:15.8495 Enabling Microsoft Firewall UPnP Framework
02/14/21 11:41:15.8513 Error - Microsoft firewall(service) put_Enabled failed: -2147024891
02/14/21 11:41:15.8531 Enabling Blizzard Downloader on Windows Firewall
02/14/21 11:41:15.8549 Success!
02/14/21 11:41:15.8565 Creating Firewall interface
02/14/21 11:41:15.8588 Success!
02/14/21 11:41:15.8615 Creating Microsoft Firewall Rule: Blizzard Downloader: 3724
02/14/21 11:41:15.8634 Success!
02/14/21 11:41:15.8651 Not found Bonjour service.
02/14/21 11:41:15.8668 Creating UPnP interface
02/14/21 11:41:15.8685 Getting UPnPDevice Information
02/14/21 11:41:15.8703 Connecting to: eu_tracker_worldofwarcraft_com:3724/announce with 1
02/14/21 11:41:15.8720 Failed to connect to tracker.
02/14/21 11:41:15.8737 Connecting to: eu_tracker_worldofwarcraft_com:3724/announce with 3
02/14/21 11:41:15.8770 Failed to connect to tracker.
02/14/21 11:41:15.8789 Restoring UPnP value to false under Windows Firewall
02/14/21 11:41:15.8807 Error – Microsoft firewall(service) put_Enabled failed: -2147024891
02/14/21 11:41:15.8827 Removing port 3724 from Windows Firewall
02/14/21 11:41:15.8845 Success!
02/14/21 11:41:15.8863 Disabling Blizzard Downloader for Windows Firewall
02/14/21 11:41:15.8881 Error – Microsoft firewall(EnableFirewallProgram) Remove: failed: -2147024891
02/14/21 11:41:15.8900 No UPnP Device Found.

I am not having an issue with the cd key but my problem is when i put the CD key in it then ask me to put the play disk in the drive but i don’t have any disk for diablo 2 LOD and I can’t continue from there

I have the same problem… do you fix yours ?

Hi all. Does anyone know where I can buy Diablo II? I used to play it before but I lost my box and CD along with keys. Anywhere to buy it now?

How to install help?