Diablo 2 No Longer Starts

Diablo 2: Does not start up after Blizzard’s automatic update. Nothing happens when icon selected. iMac Mid 2010.
NO issues with Diablo 3; D2 “used to work”, now nothing when selected.
Cust Support online impossible to navigate all requirements, would never allow submission for a ticket. {Never a prob when had issues w/ D3 a couple of years ago - D2 is the prob}

Currently MACs can’t run Diablo 2, due to an issue with the 32 > 64 bit nature of the OS. With Diablo 2 being a 32 bit only program currently.

You will find some more detailed information here: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/blizzard/t/diablo-2-not-working-on-latest-mac-os-catalina/820

It’s a long running issue right now, that’s still being investigated.