Diablo 2 Problems

Dear Blizzard,

Diablo 2 in all realms (Europe East West …) is having problems on game creation.

I know this is an old game but you have true fans of Diablo still playing this game.

It’s notorious that there is a problem with the servers.

We have to wait atleast 15 minutes to create one game.

It’s not have kind of temp ban or something. Everyone is having this game creation queue!!!

Or the servers are weaker… or there are more bots using the servers.

Please do something to fix this.

Thank you…

From a year 2000 D2 player


And also the rename function… please fix that problem too :frowning:


Agree, please sort this out and any excuse that bots are creating games cannot be true. Went to play tonight and only about 8 games across all difficulties available to join in EU, with a queue of over 3000. I want to create my own game so I can complete my own quests.


I’m totally agree. I’m getting almost 4k in line to create a single game.
I’ve been playing Diablo since 2000 and i never see nothing like this. Today the bots aren’t spam the chat with game runs and this is a good signal. I hope a fix before the ladder ends.
Thanks (if anyone from support read this topic)


i think everybody having this problem… why is it that no one from blizzard makes an update on this issue!


Today, same as any other day, I login to D2 after work to chill and play…YES its working again. Queues are gone, created two games with 2 different level chars. Please mods, don’t ignore this game. it easy to play, we like it and many people keep coming back to it. Many other game companies are giving away free old games to try and keep their profile with the public up. this game does that already.

Thanks for reporting this to us, and continuing to make us aware of this persisting issue. The issue is something we are looking into and observing, but there’s no updates to share on the progress we are making with that.

Hopefully it can be addressed soon, we all just want to be able to play the games we enjoy.

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