Diablo 2: Resurrected about D2JSP


I could’t find any place specific to discuss D2R feedback so im trying here.
People have different opinions about sites like “D2jsp”, that its unfair/cheat/good/bad, i dont really care about such things, iv’e been playing D2 for years without end, with and without D2jsp, it sure helps getting a fairer exchange, similar to IRL if you buy something on a global market vs locally.

The feedback im proposing is that the games devs remake the server gameslist, making it more modern so that it fits more games, is easier manageable, without constantly updating (because its sooo 2000’s and really suboptimal and even frustrating seeing the game you want, click on it and its already gone, and you’ve forgot the exact gamename)

I don’t wish for something fancy as “Auction house” since it ruins the originality of the game, just a slightly better functioning trading.
I truly believe that sites like D2jsp exists because of D2’s current shortcomings, in my opinion such upgrade as this would obliterate the need for such things, and reduce “pay to win” also.


You could use the D2R General Discussion forum: https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/d2r/c/general-discussion/6

Cheers !