Diablo 2 Resurrected

I must say, when Diablo 2 Resurrected was first announced I was very VERY excited. Meanwhile I’ve canceled my pre-order again.
The new models - especially the Amazon - are butt-ugly, and the censorship is a serious issue. No pentagrams - the hallmark of Diablo??? Less corpses? Hello! I wasn’t looking for a China-friendly “Diablo 2-redone in Diablo 3”!
With this in mind I won’t be pre-ordering Diablo 4 either. Gotta be very careful with future Blizzard releases.


ok bye! you won’t be missed :slight_smile:

Wow. Just imagine, a shared world in D4 with creeps like you! Thanks, but no thanks!

blizzard is a chinese company now, best to just boycott them. 40 dollar for an inferior reskin is beyond insane anyway


I’m afraid you’re correct!

I agree, it’s a game… no1 got their “feelings” hurt 20 years a go and no1 will get their feelings hurt now either.
If people get offended by such things, THEY should seek help… They obsiouly have an issue and have a mindset that aint ready for the real world.

Imagine being triggered by an ugly character in a fantasy game, and a design change in the menu…

Quote: "The discussion quickly slipped into the subject of censorship. And although some of the commentators think it’s absolutely fine that the user interface has been overhauled after 20 years, many insist that the pentagrams and “satanic symbolism” belong to Diablo. One user even used the hashtag #NotMyDiablo. If it is really about censorship, many users think that this is a sign of exaggerated political correctness. But pentagrams still show up in Diablo 2: Resurrected, for example in the Countess’s room.

Has the user interface of the pause menu only been adapted to make it more modern and easier to use, or is there a conspiracy against pentagrams? behind? (Caution, sarcasm.)"

Im so sick of triggered little Timmy shouting, “reeeeee, censorship, reeee”