DIABLO 2R cant download

hi there, i’ve bought another dia2r for my kid in my other pc, i got windows 7, when i try do download the game, it blocks, it says im not admin but this is the only one account i have on this pc, is admin, i’ve try making another one as admin,i got the same error, the download keeps blocking, it swap from play and installing, it never say “download” in the bottom left corner of bnet,it ask me to be admin twice when i run bnet app as well. i’ve uninstalled bnet but nothinghappens, what can i do??


This forum is for providing comments and feedback on the Battle.Net Desktop App; Diablo II: Resurrected has its own forums here:

That being said, you should note that Windows 7 is not supported for Diablo II: Resurrected; I know some people can run D2R on a Windows 7 system, but Windows 10 is the minimum supported… see the D2R system requirements here:


The first step would be to reinstall the Battle.Net Desktop App if you haven’t yet. The Battle.Net App is needed to download and install D2R.

There is some troubleshooting you can try that may solve the downloading issue; see:

The words in blue are links to additional information that may be useful.

If the above does not help, I think you should post on the D2R Technical Support forum and list all the troubleshooting you have done. An alternative is to contact Blizzard Support with a web ticket.

Best of luck with this.

thank you so much, i guess the main problem here is windows 7 on my pc…i will try to format my pc and install windows 10, thank you so much for helping!!!

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