Diablo 4 Beta - Unplayable

Was really looking forward to playing the Open Beta of Diablo 4. I knew it would be stuttery, frustrating, buggy and imperfect but I wasn’t expecting unplayable. I’ve had numerous error messages (including that my account was locked at one point) but…

I’ve not actually played the game. I get queued about one in ten times. When I get to the character creation screen I get thrown out. When I create a character it throws me out a few seconds into the narration. When I reload that character, I get about 30secs to a minute of gameplay (I got to slay the wargs once but never to the bit beyond and town what town!).

No hope of getting to level 1, let alone level 20.

Playing on PC in the UK/EU servers. Hopefully better by next weekend and then by release.

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Same for me, getting kicked out all the time. Most of the time Im getting a message that the game ran out of memory and had to shut down, or that the files are corrupt and I need to run the repairtool. Kinda bummed, was looking forward to the open beta to get a feel for it and see if it was worth buying.