Diablo 4 open beta - Longer list of various feedback

Here is my fairly long list of feedback from the open beta. Hope it’s of use and hope it’s the appropriate place for it. I didn’t see anywhere to submit anything other than here.


  • The design of the world is great. I especially liked The Forbidden City which gave me the creeps.
  • Relatively few bugs apart from rubberbanding and a few issues with the traversal objects around the world where you just jump in place if you press jump
  • I like the visible health levels of the bosses, so you have some known quantity and timing of healing
  • I like the fact that difficulty often comes from avoidable attacks rather than huge damage spikes from something like arcane spinners
  • Drops from world boss seem appropriately high for the effort
  • I ilke the map and the exploration of i
  • I like the option to pin location on the map
  • Sound design is excellent

Game design:

  • I wish the dungeons and strongholds had more personality to them. I literally couldn’t tell you anything about any fight I’ve had in them. It’s all just “slightly bigger man/warewolf/demon”
  • The wispering keys/silent chests seem unnecessary. Either you find something you can’t access, which feels bad or you have to teleport back just to get a key to open a random chest. You’re not likely to care enough to take note of the location in case you don’t have any Obols to buy a key.
  • It would be nice if there were more quests that branched off to different areas at the beginning. You very often seem to either do the quests in the same order or you have to randomly happen upon them if you go off in a direction where there might not be any
  • Both open world and dungeons often feel empty for long stretches, especially with backtracking. Will probably improve with mounts though.
  • Off hand damage numbers make them hard to compare with things like shields that have the +80% main hand damage instead. It would make more sense for them not to have their own damage numbers and just work the same as shields


  • I wish there were more items to customize the look of the character. It seems like a step in the wrong direction to reduce the number of items you can equip
  • Some of the short hair options look wierd and patchy.
  • Some of the skin colors look strange
  • Color options on items seem quite limited - it would be nice if the best looking versions wasn’t always just “paint everything the same color”


  • I would love some Control of UI elements and option to reduce/hide/auto hide them to make a more immersive experience
  • UI for advanced item comparison could be improved so lost/gained stats are more clear next to eachother
  • Hard to tell one and two handed weapons apart at a glance when they are the same size in the inventory
  • Allow customization of item text similar to highlights in the menu


  • Necro feels uneven so far. There seems to be little reason to use any skill from the third, fouth and fifth skill node because everything dies so quickly, that there is no reason to use things like curses
  • I wish there were more passive skill in general, like auras or passive curses etc. in case I want a more passive build with not quite as many things to track
  • The evade mechanic is underwhelming. I’m not a fan of having two different movement skills that I have to keep track of, so I’d rather just have a 2nd use of my teleport or class equivalent
  • I like the look and feel of Corpse Tendrils, but the delay makes them awkward to use, because you first have to kill something then wait for the animation. By then everything is dead.

Quality of life:

  • Allow us to skip all dialogue and cutscenes.
  • Smart deposits in stash with predefined items in specific tabs
  • I wish there was an option to auto pickup/heal with health globes. Very often I’ve only lost ~5% live in a battle and I have to remember to heal before I leave an area if I want to be topped off in both health and potions for the next fight
  • Pick up multiples of the same item ie. Ice Clan Bones or just have them auto pick up like other quest items
  • Sort inventory by type or rarity, maybe cycle them with every press of the sort button
  • Option to zoom out to other layers of the map with the mouse would be nice

Semi-rhetorical questions:

  • If sockets don’t count as an affix, why do I have to add them to things. Is it just a money sink to control the economy?
  • Too many clickable/attackable objects around. They distract you and give you little to no reward
  • Quest for audience with Bear tribe chief doesn’t go anywhere?
  • Maybe I missed it, but does the game explain the junk mechanic?
  • Can’t salvage account bound items even though they are just random rares. Just allow for salvage with no reward to I don’t have to visit a different vendor to sell them for 1 gold with a warning that they are special items. What is the point of these items?


  • I personally dislike the “MMO-features” of having other players in town and in the world. It clashes with the store when there are hundreds of “chosen ones” running around.
  • Zoom level on world boss is an issue. You often don’t have any idea what the boss is doing before you’re hit by an attack from off the screen
  • I have no connection to the crafting materials. It seems like there are way too many and either you always have enough, in which case they are useless or you have to farm them, which is annoying if you have to run around gathering flowers etc.
  • Cellars seem to have loading times almost equivalent to dungeons which makes me not want to bother with them, because they are so short.
  • Design of red and green ghosts looks a bit strange like a model without a texture
  • Annoying to have to choose between extracting legendary power and transmog

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Thank you. Will post there instead. They didn’t make that very clear imo.

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