Diablo 4 (server slam) - Necromancer - Healing/Replacing Skeletons

I have to say that I much preferred the original way to heal up/replace my skeleton army during the beta version of the game.

Having to select a corpse pile to create a new skelly is bad enough but to do it whilst being chased (and more often than not, being hit) by trash mobs and everything else up-to and including the area boss is just not on.

It’s so difficult! Who ever thought this was a good idea needs to go back to the drawing board!!

I know that Blizzard nerfed the necro quite a bit - and I don’t mind that if it makes the game more balanced, but this is unacceptable imho.

Can you please change that one thing back to the way it was before before release? Is that possible? Thanks in advance.


This forum is for feedback and suggestion on the Battle.Net Desktop App (the Launcher).

For comments/suggestions on Diablo IV, you should be using the Diablo IV forums:

It is unlikely that the Blizzard staff collecting player feedback on Diablo IV will come here.

Cheers !


Cheers, couldn’t find a link to the correct forum previously. Thank you.

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