Diablo II 2000 issues

i can not get diablo II 2000 to open on my pc.

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Can you be more specific ?
What happens when you try to launch Diablo II ?
Do you get an error code ?

Hey there CrazyMage,

Please try the steps mentioned in the articles below!

Diablo II (2000) Crashes
Diablo II (2000) Compatibility Issues and Workarounds

I received a new PC as a Christmas present and I cannot download Diablo II and Diablo II: Lords Of Destruction. I ran the programs fine with Win10 but after an upgrade from Microsoft (without being asked if I wanted to Upgrade) to Win11, I can’t even download the .exe files to install. Any ideas aside from a reinstall to Win10 and hope Microsoft doesn’t throw Win11 in this time around?