Diablo II - Can't run in Windows 10

So I purchased D2 today from the battle.net store.

After 2 hours of tinkering and tweaking and following every guide, video and forum post I can find, I am unable to get it to run in anything other than the tiniest of tiny windows, in which it is almost impossible to read what’s onscreen. Even this tiny windowed version eventually crashes out to the desktop.

I’m running a Ryzen 3600X system, RX 5700 XT and 16GB RAM. Ultrawide monitor (although I’m not even going to attempt to get D2 to run in 21:9!!)

As I only purchased this about 2 hours ago do I have any recourse for a refund?

i cant even get my game to open at all when i open the installer its saying failure to read script so and so and then when i tell it to run anyways it opens the installer and says " note: peer to peer networking is disabled" and " the tracker is not responding" then when it opens the screen to open the game it dosnt do anything.
its also not giving me the option to enter my key

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Hey there! :slight_smile:

For Diablo II lockups and crash errors I would strongly suggest having a look at this support article.

If you want to check if the order is eligible for a refund exception you may want to contact a Game Master following this link.

For third time in 2 weeks… dont load…crash… uninstall - Install 2 times now for a third crash out o nowhere… your guides dont work cuz the problem continues…

Thanks for let another great game die.