Diablo II LoD EU - Connection has been interrupted

Hey guys!
Ive had a problem for about a year now soon, which have held me from playing my childhood game! but my urge and addiction is coming back so please help me get my fix!

I have this issue that I randomly will be disconnected from my game
with the msg: Connection has been interrupted and im booted to Login screen
But if I go to chat first and then make a game, then im only booted to chat for some reason I discovered today.
It happens randomly 10 seconds to 30 minutes (Parking my character in act 1 town and watching for when it happens) Since I wont play till its fixed since I hate getting interrupted in my game.

Ive tried possibly anything ive read from posts on your forum!
Restarting router, opening ports in my firewall, disabling IPv4 and other things
Im not using an VPN and im still using the same PC as I did back then where I had ZERO issues.(While I also tested it on a newer PC I got recently and the problem still persist)
Tested with both a cable and WiFi and same results
I use Glidewrapper also(just adding information)
I tried with several keys that I have for friends if I am going to a LAN.

What can be causing this?
I had my ISP consistently pinging my router for a month to check if there was any major packetlosses which they said wasnt!

I play alot of different games where I dont have any issue at all

Warcraft 3 TfT
Path of exile
among other games.

Can you try to play the game without the use of Glidewrapper? While it’s primary function is graphical fidelity for the game, it’s still not a supported piece of software and the modern patches of the game should render the need of this obsolete.

Ill check it out when I get home from work and get back to you! Thanks

i have same problem. i just changed internet operator. I dont have any problem for other games but diablo 2 interrupting every about 10 minutes. did you find any solution during this time?

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I bought game yesterday, was ok, i create Necromancer, play till12 lvl, then i create Sorceress, under her name was (expires 10 days), i back to play for Necromancer and get 15lvl. Today i wanna play again, and now drops me every 1 min. after creating the game. All other games is ok, problem only with Diablo2.

I too am having the same problem. I last around 60 seconds, then the first portal I take, I am thrown out. It makes me quite sad!

Did anybody get to the solution?

Has anyone found the solution to this problem? i purchased the game last weekend and i have been trying to figure out this issue. Within at least 3-5 minutes into the game i get “Connection interrupted”

I feel your pain. My game has been stuck on checking versions since I bought it last week. Havent played it and my com doesnt have any VPN installed. I had replies on my thread once but they haven’t replied me since.

Been playing other blizzard games with no issues, its just d2 that cant seem to load for me.

Quick question… not really topic related but i cant find any guide or way to install d2 ive bought it a cuple months back and every time i write a ticket it just seems to dissapear in the next 3-4 hours can anyone pls link me some kind of guide or article for installing d2 since you cant do it on the battle.net launcher?
Thanks a lot in advance.