Diablo II problem

Yesterday I installed Diablo II and LoD with my keys. But at this moment i cannt play in battle.net. All connections freeze at the Checking versions point. Is it my problem only or its the same for all?


It’s a common problem really, and the cause can be anything.
Check the US forum under the Classic Games Tech Support, it’s full of it.


Thanks a lot for reply. But how about official comments from Blizzard?


Well some have Blizz answers but from now on I don’t think anyone would answer to those issues anymore, they said it so many times and posted websites with the causes and solutions and stuff.
It’s an issue that needs to be solved.

Ok, thanks again. I will try later. Have a nice day

Hello Votrix,

Please check this guide we have for this specific problem.

As the guide mentions, if nothing works you may have a temporary restriction on your Diablo II keys so please contact our support via ticket to verify.

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Hi all. My account is working now, I can go into battle.net games.
But another problem - my son installed game from original cd disks and couldnt enter in battle.net with the same problem "checking versions". He and me are in the same LAN, but cannt play together.
How I can improve this situation? Shilmael can you help my son?
03.04.2020 updated:
I was happy too early, Diablo II doesn`t work both computers. So I will wait untill server problem will be solved. Everebody lets be healthy!

You were probably banned for any of these reasons

You’ll just have to wait until they decide to unban your ip address or cd key. However, if you dont use battle.net, and use LAN (local area network) instead, you and your son may be able to play together. This uses single player characters and not your online characters, but at least you cant be restricted this way.

Click other multiplayer then TCP/IP, and look at the IP address at the top, then have your son on the second computer connect to the game using that IP address. You can also see the IP address once you’ve hosted in game, by pressing tab to view the map, which should show the IP address.