Diablo Immortal Monetization

Would like to hear from Blizzard on how they justify the monetization in DI. There is no justification for this but it would be nice to hear you at least address the total $h1t show that is DI monetization.

Predatory is an understatement, this behaviour is right up there with FIFA so can you chime in and let us know how you justify it?

As to the feedback … just stop
You know full good and well what you did there, its a shame your in the industry.


Check out wyatt chengs twitter for some bs explanation

I don’t like the Blizzard store system. Made very badly. The prices are fantastic.
Yes, BlizzardActivevision should be making money from their games, but when prices are $50, $100. BlizzardActiveVision does not think about the parents of children, children begin to harass their parents…buy…buy…buy…children’s tears, blackmail))
The BlizzardActiveVision store needs to be redesigned and ACTUALLY priced 3-4x lower so more people can buy all this junk…
All this capitalist mockery of people and robbery of players))

The system they have set up is very much so a casino style treadmill, designed to bleed a high roller dry. I recognize it as I worked in the gaming (gambling) industry as a software developer for a number of years.

I don’t have anything against games that appeal to high rollers but in the gaming industry we have regulations and strict oversight that help protect the consumer and in particular vulnerable persons. This BS is pushed out to kids and with the insistence that its fair and balanced. The major issue here is that this will adversely effect vulnerable people and they do know that; I want to hear from them what their justification for that is.

If they wanted to go get a gaming license to distribute Immortal then fine, I might actually play then as I would at least know its a fair system with published odds. As it is this is a weighted system that tries to hide its self as simple MTX. Make no mistake its a slot machine taking a lot of queues from bingo style machines.

As to the whole “Pay to Win” yes obviously its pay to win, the lying to clients should result in a law suit. I assume they have been very carful to not out right say its not pay to win. But at the end of the day I don’t personally care about that as much as I do the blatant gambling mechanics in a product that is not regulated that offends me as it will lead to harm that could have been avoided or at least mitigated against.

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lol, it’s always funny when people try to reason or understand this. Screw blizzard had enough of their crap, I played the games having some sort of standards…stupid me…today I uninstalled diablo and wow retail($90 pre-purchase? hahahaha sure, when pigs fly) , hearthstone uninstalled few years back. I can spend my money somewhere else also.