Diablo Immortal or who are Blizzard?

Are the developers keeping track of the game? Why in 3 months didn’t they fix most bugs and add new ones? Necromancers for the third day can not use the entities for the left hand because of a bug, are you even aware of this? Such bugs should be fixed immediately.
I see for the first time a game in which the donation decides whether you win or not. I was very surprised that Blizzard would roll up to a second-rate company that put donation first. How am I supposed to win a battlefield if I’m up against a player with 7500 resonance who turns on invulnerability on a crusader and kills my entire team in a couple of hits.
I’m not talking about the lack of state synchronization, when the skills simply go into kuldown or when there is a skill sticking because of an attempt to use a skill outside the radius. There are hundreds of bugs, they’ve been around for a long time. When are you going to fix it? How are you going to balance pvp? Is the community going to get any response?