Diablo Immortal P2W

Please refrain from publishing more games like this. 10 years of gameplay to get the best gear without paying. Good luck with that. You can keep your gear and your game.


it’s closer to 40 years actually, the math was redone with some new info in mind, and even if you get lucky but the stuff doesn’t fit your class/build, you might not be allowed to trade it for something that would fit, actually disgusting

Dear Blizzard

Since you are deleting all my TBC Classic character which I have worked on for a lot of hours. I’m putting down a lifetime band on any Blizzard games. I hope that you understand that this your own fault and there is non but your self to blame for this.

Actually started installing, read some comments - saw F2P was close to impossible and then remembered what Blizzard is today.
Uninstalled and shutting of b-net again.


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In Diablo Immortal, your hero must train his back, triceps, arms and shoulders in order to wear plate armor!

Hello Everyone,
Thanks to all of you who are taking their time to attend this principle discussion.

Part of the current Situation
In my opinion it is possible that Blizzard may give in to this complains to some degree. Cause this Game is a clear violation to their own principals see Blizzard’s “What We Stand For”

Josh Strife Hayes explains this more deeply in his video “The Immoral Design of Diablo Immortal” on YouTube.

This is clearly and objectively evident. And no here helps no relativizing beating around the bush. For example, they massively bend the definition of quality in relation to the interested parties about the game.

Possible Development
Maybe they even planned to make the monetization sneaky but very excessive at the beginning to turn it down a bit later (if necessary😒), so that it may look to the people more okay compared to what it was before. But in fact, it would be still pretty bad and abusive.

If you are interested in more acceptable solutions to this situation you can look things up on YouTube or all around the web😉.