Diablo immortal some feedback

hi as day 1 game tester from egypt i have some feedback to make the game more cool :
1 - add arabic to the game ui , chat etc
2 - the blood button need to be auto from the setting
2 - the game need to add help pets as in D3 to collect items and gold etc
4 - we need to control all buttons on the screen so we can move it as we want
5 - its so boring to keep doing the missions every day i play game for missions but its not cool to do it every day as the day before
6 - we need control our avatar to add avatar to account (profile pic)
7 - chat box need to be small button i mean to open it coze its open by itself
8- i need the ability to i gnore all the invitations which jump on my mobile screen until im in fight ( the box jump in my face next am dead) and they keep send it :smiley: u should find anther place for it
9 - no need for warband i never use it :smiley:
10 - u can make event like thief’s and hunter like the old silkroad
thats all for now :slight_smile: hope u like it thx u :slight_smile: