Diablo Immortal suggestion and an issue

Gonna do these in reverse order from the title. The main issue in this game is movement, periodically characters seem to lock on enemies and getting them to move is extremely difficult. I don’t know if its a hitbox issue that even if not directly on the enemy its registering to attack them but it has been getting progressively more annoying the farther in I have gotten.

Now the suggestion, which has nothing to do with the issue, there needs to be a way to earn Eternal orbs in game one that presents itself early into the story. This would go a ways to easing the issues people have with the game namely that if you want a 5star leggo you gotta take out a mortgage on your house and may still need to sell a kidney, or a kidney and a lung if your like most people these days and don’t have a house to mortgage. These could be tied to bounties or other daily events or rare drop from monsters. I will note my char is only about lvl 40 so these may be actual things at max level but from what I have seen it is not. I doubt a blizz person will even see this but meh I have done what I can.


The monetization in this casino … I mean “game” is the only issue that needs any attention right now.

There is then the issue that anyone thought this was even slightly okay.

Once those two items addressed we can look at salvaging whatever remains.

The game would be okay if they released a non-pay to win version in EU/USA and left the pay to win crap for chinese and whoever finds it acceptable. It will be funny seeing this as illegal in the years to come with the legislative stuff being discussed in the EU, but I guess USA will be cucked forever.


Ah I missed this part, you could write your local and regional political officials and highlight the predatory monetization practices here along with the clearly false statements from the design and marketing teams around this game. Blizz should be brought to task over this, sadly this and events like it will result in more regulation of the game industry and that will undoubtably close some otherwise good doors/opportunities via overbearing, uninformed legislation but at this point I have to agree it is needed.