Diablo IV - beta feedback - Druid skills quite underwhelming

Specifically, melee skills.
It’s quite common concept that melee is higher risk-vs-reward approach, and thus usually compensated either with higher damage, or other benefits.
However, playing druid and other classes clearly shown me that druid shapeshift skills are very underwhelming. And basic Claw skill is most of it. It’s very underwhelming even in Dire-Werewolf form.
90% of a time it can hit JUST A SINGLE TARGET. And even then, doesn’t do anything special. So, it’s both most poor DPS skill in game, and very slow core resource build.
Look for example ta necromancer’s Reap skill. Much wider (180 degrees), with much higher reach melee skill, that builds spirit for every enemy hit. On top of that it can do very useful element (for necromancer), like corpse spawn.
Claw need to be much more similar to Reap, to become a decent skill. Maybe not as high reach, but still much-much higher than default one (which is pretty much point-blank right now). Tripple the reach of the claw and make it 210-degree wide swipe. On top of that rebalance passives, making one of them to build resource for each enemy hit (rather than with single hit) as one passive, and attack speed build up (at very least 25% max) as other. That way players can focus either at faster resource build fighting larger group of enemies, or at very least build resource bit faster by fighting single enemy (generally boss), by building up attack speed.

Shred not as awful, but still underwhelming compared to Core skills of other classes. Especially ranged skill. Which can both do more consistent damage (by managing class resource), and do it more safely, by… well, staying in range, rather than exposing yourself in melee. It still needs overall buff in all stats. More DPS, much higher degree swipe (right now it’s something like puny 60-degree for first two hits), and higher reach, again at very least for first two hits.

Other improvements also will be welcome. Like for example changing your wolves companions into werewolves - should make than use Shred attack, at very least first strike of shred.

i did give druid a try in beta and its not so the skills but the damage a druid can put in compared to other melee classes/builds in similar gear.