Diablo IV - Beta feedback, proposal


As a fist thing I would like to thanks for the beta.

Now let’s see what I got for you. I wil not type here about how I like the game or what I think about it. It will be nice to know but you can not do anything with it in this stage of the project.

I’m playing on desktop computer with Win 10.

Possible bugs:
1st - After I start the game, fan on GPU is going on 100% all the tme game is lunched. I have ATI Radeon RX 580. Don’t know why. Memory and CPU are alright on minimum performance. Only GPU is get really hard time, even when I play it on low, medium quality.

2nd - I remember that for the first character I played I choosed detailed help. I must say that I didn’t noticed any deeper help then on other characters without this option. (Maybe miss click)

3rd - One of the gates on main city was perma bugged for me, I can’t go out from it, but I can get in from the out back to the city. Upper right gate, can’t remember the name. My char just walked on place and didn’t move further. Sometimes I got this on the enter of church in manin city, guards was not there even any other NPU and I just moonwalked.

Possible improve:
Necro golem - I really has been forced to search on web how to summon golem. You can add some pop up after golem Q. To press the S key.

Necro Curse - I was never sure if the enemy is still under effect of curse. If curse is active only as long as picture on ground it’s too short for my opinion.

Barbar - uff what can I say I gave him only 10 lvls because it was really hard time. Archers was really pain with no possibility to ge to them quickly and kill them. I’m not talkin about 1,2,3 archer but in group of them. With no possiliity to kill them with some AoE. This forced me to use potions and dash(spacebar) a lot and what I relly need those it was on cd or gone. Boss with barb, are we ther on some kind of Dard souls here? Like tech boss movement and attack to not be one hit killed? Potions are week in the begging and I don’t know about any kind of life steal like for Druid. I rather don’t mentione the boss which has some abitility to catch you and drain your life.
But it’s maybe my personal feeling that barbar is kind of broken.

Gems - how about the extra inventory for it as for the elixirs?

Party - this was very messed up for me.
Party 1 - how about right click to player portert and add option teleport to player. I was forced to create a portal, mate just go in and I after him. Why?

Party 2 - It’s really chaotic to recognize which quest can be done together and which no. My friend sometimes was not able to enter dung which I cleaned and vice versa. Could be there added some message in quest like could be completed in this party?

Party 3 - there could be some worning that by enter the boss or some are party newcomers will not be able to join by portal.

This is what I remember, hope it help.


This is the wrong forum for feedback on Diablo IV.

This forum is for providing feedback on the Battle.Net Desktop App – aka, the “Launcher”.

Diablo IV has its own forums; use one of the General Discussion forum for feedback:

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