Diablo2 cannot select 2D video mode, miss video config exe

Hello Blizzard!

I have run D2 (&LOD) with success, however the game is set to 3D mode.
I get random massive fps drops and my gpu is GTX 980M on Win10 Pro.

I can’t take advantage of fcr, fhr, ias breakpoints etc like this, as i can die at any time due to game suddenly slowing down to a halt, then it continuing.

There used to be a D2VidTst.exe file that let me change between 2D and 3D, back when i used to play this on Windows XP/7.
When i did a laptop full reinstall, the installer didn’t download it.

What can i do?

The D2VidTst.exe no longer exists, however, you should be able to adjust the setting in your NVIDIA config manually for Diablo II when running it. You might need to contact NVIDIA if unsure how to do this yourself for your Graphics Card.

For these choppy issues we would recommend these two articles:

The second one has some further optimisation steps for the game.