Diablo2 installation doesn't start

Can’t start instalation of D2 after changes were made and intallation is going from new pop-up window(from release of D2). Beta was installed successfully. In that window i can change folder of installation but after clicking on “install” button the only thing i see for hours is rotating logo. Also battle.net app started to work slowly. Each time I run it i see error that battle.net app is went to sleep but in few mins it starting to work. I’ve reinstalled the app. My drivers and Windows are up to date.

P.S. Actually i have problems with installation of other games(D3, Warcraft3) in same way.
P.P.S. That’s the error on battle.net app start

Hey there corvuscorax,

This error means that something is stopping the Battle.net app from communicating, or causing the Battle.net Agent.exe to crash.

This could have multiple reasons of happening. If you have tried all the steps mentioned here, then please provide an MSInfo file, to look into this a bit more.

Thank you!

Just did ticket with both files MSInfo and DxDiag