Did not get the guaranteed legendary in first10

Hey Support team, I haven’t received a legendary card within the first 10 packs of the new expansion, one of the reasons of buying the prepurchase was having golden packs and maybe opening that golden legend in the first ten,haven’t opened a legendary in the first ten, can you help?

For this problem you’re best to send in a ticket to support and see if they can confirm there was a problem first of all.

Secondly if you have experienced a bug in Hearthstone you should use the Bug Report forums: https://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/forum/10591462/

Can you send me a link ,because it was not easy to fill in a ticket,website was always redirecting me to some written explanations which are not linked with my problem?
Thank you,

Our Live Chat just closed but you should be able to reach out to our support Here.