Does diablo 2 share an "account name" with warcraft 3 or anything?

Just installed diablo 2 again (like im sure a lot of you have) and its asking me for my account name, but i dont remember what exactly counts as my “account name”.

Is this hooked up at all to modern bnet? ive played warcraft 3 fairly recently, but i played diablo 2 probably a couple years ago on an old computer but dont remember what i used for the account name.

is there any way to figure out what my “account name” is? ill make a new one if i need to, but i wanted to make sure there wasnt any sort of connection to my actual blizzard account before giving up on my old one.

edit: Okay i managed to get into the game on my old pc and i only had 1 level 13 necromancer named Vaidd, but now that im looking at it, i’m not sure i ever logged into whatever that battlenet account is on that pc either.

so i guess my main question is, how do i link it to this blizzard account? or can it even do that? is this a totally separate thing?

Hey Vaidd

From an account standpoint, Diablo II isn’t hooked up with the modern platform, so there’s no linking between accounts on the two platforms

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Is there a possibility to extend the grace period of 90 days for the players? You will definitely have enough hard disk space for that. Mfg