Elves and some of what's wrong with Vanguard

The game could be great but it has to be so bloody silly e.g. Cackling Elves, to appease the shallow-minded players who cant cope with realism and have the attention span of a 2-year-old. The other issue for me is the number of players in TDM not one of these maps is fit for more than 8v8 and most should be limited to 6v6 at the very least we should have a choice, which we sort of did have initially although it was pretty rubbish and unreliable, now with an update even that pitiful option has gone. How does a company manage to make billions from a franchise yet still can’t make a game that runs well and isn’t regularly broken through badly implemented updates it is a total mystery. But going back to my first sentence the game could be great but isn’t and for the clan (14 members) I play in we all agree its one of the worst COD versions for a while yet could have been excellent. One issue is how often our party breaks and we have to reform again its just ridiculous that Blizzard cant even get the lobby software right after how many years its a joke. Please re-vamp this because we are not buying the next version after years of playing every version brought out if its as bad as this. There is a lot of lessons to be learnt from COD 4 MW which is still played and loved by many and still doesn’t look dated.

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