Error #132 Fatal exception!

Heey ,
After having this error for almost a month and today even getting it 5 tims in a row during a dungeon now
and having tried the following :

  • trying to reinstal my nvidea drivers
    -reseting ui
    -trying without addons
    -trying direct 11 instead of 12
    -using the repair on blizard launcer ( says nothing needs to be fixed).
    -change compatibility to win8 and win7

im getting hopeless and desprate for help .

latest error report " (pastebin .com/w1d8HMpY) " (i cant link websites)

My pc is brandnew now around 3-4 month old (build by a friend of mine, i sadly have not much knowledge about hardware or software)

I also dont seem to run into problems with other games even blizard related onces .

Any advice that i can still try to do to fix this problem ?

Hey ShadowAngel,

Sorry to hear about your troubles with that error 132.

I’ve read your error in the Pastebin website, what I would highly suggest is that you try out the following:

Lastly since this forum is meant for Classic games, please post in here, for dedicated WoW tech related issues.

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