Error BLZBNTBGS000003F8 after update Apr 29 2020

After today’s update my game keeps crashing every few minutes. Sometimes I get to play one or two multiplayer sessions before this error (BLZBNTBGS000003F8) pops-up and I gotta restart the game . It happened over 10 times and I am getting a little bit anxious about it. And no…it certainly isn’t a provider issue or computer issue. Just yesterday a spent few hours in-game and everything went ok and again this morning before the update (I’m in Europe). Nothing’s changed on my end.

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Same problem for me… I delete and reinstall the game 90giga to download :sob:

@Laminak Is it working now?

I will try this afternoon after work if the download is finish… Soooo long

I think it’s good no bug after reinstall

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this tutorial worked for me (im from Europe)

Same problem for me

I deleted and the issue is coming up :cry::cry:

Please don’t bump or necro 1 year old threads. If you have an issue, please make your own thread.