Error code: BLZBNTBGS000003F8

whenever I play online, it throws me this mistake

Error code: BLZBNTBGS000003F8

Today: 5x

10-30 min i play and after error


I have the same problem 10-15min i play COD WarZone then crashed with this code error

same here, im playing campaign and get thrown out cuz of the same error, like really? CAMPAIGN??? SERVER DISCONNECT???

same issue here. tried changing dns and stuff nothing helped. Activision support non existent and as I can see its same for Blizzard as well. good thing we payed them for it

That is honestly not honest work from Blizzard at all. They are not even responding to our complaints. At least admit, you messed up.

Same problem ā€¦ 10-15 mins in game and it crashes.

Same problem here. Today happened like 10times, or more.

same problem here glad to see its not just mine

I have the same issue for weeks now!
Today I got dropped off 3 times in 1 hour!!!


Please fix this issue ASAP

Same problem here; been getting the BLZBNTBGS000003F8 error for the past few weeks now.

Playing COD MW, can barely get through one map when Iā€™m lucky. 9 out of 10 game launches end up disconnecting before even starting a map. Utterly frustrating. Tried the usual resets, DNS flushing, port forwarding via ISP, etc. etc. etc.; no change. Most of my mates having the same issue, and no one has answers!

I want to buy BO Cold War; pointless spending another dime with Blizzard if issues like this cannot be resolved :frowning: