Every battle net update is very slow or stuck

i’m tired of switching vpn connections, restarting stupid router or PC with no solutions… please fix ur server and don’t force us to search for workarounds… my internet is fiber 1gbps up/down and can’t even download stupid update for bnet…

can’t put even a screenshot on your forums… i don’t wanna go to the support and waiting for ticket because a update cannot be downloaded… it’s 2024…

download speed is average 20kb/s …

workaround: use VPN to France or Germany might solve ur download issue…


same boat, extremely slow DL speed atm

found workaround… use vpn to country like germany or france… downloads faster…

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i will try the vpn workaround but why do we need it since we pay those people monthly… im so fed up with blizzard … nothing works as intended… what is this 3 fucking hours to donwload 300 mb …this is so unprofessional … blizzard joke developers

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Same here. Tried to reinstall the launcher, removing the temporary files, but since the latest update (from around 3h ago) it is slow as hell. I can’t even install the Battle.net on a PCIEx4 nVME, because the local installation is slow too. I even turned off my Antivirus, but nothing.
From a Software Development perspective, pushing changes on Friday and leaving the company is not a good practice :confused:

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For God’s sake, start doing something about it. 4 hours for me to install the launcher. Really???

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I guess the 100KB/s download speed is part of the Classic Experience :smiley:

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Started the download at 21:00, and now it’s 00:10 and it just finished. This is horrendous.

Try using a VPN as suggested here:

Good luck !

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that is what i tried as i mentioned above… but paying wow sub plus vpn is kinda weird…