False Banned in COD for using X-Mouse, cautionary tale


I’m posting here on the chance there’s someone like me in the future looking at how to avoid getting a false perma-ban on your activison account, thus losing all of your purchases and games.

Whether you believe someone can be false banned or not, the fact is I don’t cheat, and I suspect I was banned due to having a program called X-Mouse on my PC. I use this for non game related mouse rebinds (volume ect…). I’ve come to understand this could also be used for macros. This didn’t immediately come to mind as the cause of my ban as I use a vanilla Xbox One controller when gaming. I’m 99% sure this is the cause, however for obvious reasons Activision won’t confirm this.

I also had my suspicions about MSI Afterburner overclocking software, so I have uninstalled that too, however as said above it’s more likely X-Mouse and not Afterburner.

Now I’m trying to fight my corner to either get my account back or a refund, but I don’t hold much hope in either case. I just wanted to make this post so other players are aware if they too use this or a similar program. It could cost you your whole account.


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Did you submit a ticket to Support? Maiby they can remove the false ban…really sorry for this…

Yes both with Activision and Blizzard,

Blizzard pointed me to Activision and closed the ticket. I’ve opened another with the intent of a refund (unlikely).

Activision “reviewed” the case and confirmed the ban stood for use of unauthorised software. In that case I can no longer appeal the ban, but they seem to let me open an uncategorised ticket in which I explained the above. However, I have a suspicion this was just a facade as it didn’t give me a case number when I pressed submit.

I’ve also opened a case over on the BBB website against Activision, had one reply again restating bans are permanent, but it’s still ongoing as I didn’t accept the outcome.

And that’s pretty much all you can do as far as I know. It’s deliberately very closed. There doesn’t seen to be any support email, phone number, live chat, even their social media is almost entirely abandoned.

So yeah, I’m afraid I don’t hold out much hope. Just wanted to try and spread the word so others can avoid the same.

Lets hope for the best, try reinstall the whole battle net desktop app, maiby somehow you get a virus or something and that was the cause of the ban…dont know…try full scan your computer for viruses…I find unfair for you go be banned for something that you never made so if its only a mistake would be fair to get rid of that ban. GOOD LUCK!

or it could be a cheat running? who knows but you and the anti cheat system.

No, this seems to be the prevailing attitude that “you got banned so clearly you did something wrong”, believe me, I thought the same until it happened to me.

It could be none of the things I’ve mentioned, it could be a mistake, maybe it could be too many reports from people thinking I’ve hacked (my K/D was 1.07 btw so… clearly my cheats weren’t working if I had them.)

Again, posting here just to spread the word. If you end up getting a false ban too please do report back.