Falsely banned for Abuse of Economy

I got banned for Abuse of Economy and all Ive done was send gold from my account (same battle net) wow3 to my wow1, I havent traded gold with anyone and didnt even buy anything from auction house.

How is that possible? Yes I did appeal a ban and after 4 days of waiting for an answer I received this automated reply:

Good afternoon , Thanks for getting in touch regarding this account action for case . I can see that this can be confusing, but I am here to help as best I can! This action has been taken in accordance with our Terms of Use and our In-game Policies which all players acknowledge and agree to prior to playing World of Warcraft. These policies and conditions allow us to maintain a fun and safe game environment for all of our players. Our Battle.net Terms of Use can be found at We now consider this matter closed and would not look to enter into further discussion on the subject. Psst, hey xx, every Blizzard fan should see this!! ★

This is disgusting behaviour towards your customers blizzard, Ive waited 4 days for an answer and all I received was this automated reply…

Please people if you do write im this topic, dont throw “ure not telling the truth”, “you bought gold” etc. etc. because if I really bought or sold gold I would not be writing here, I just want an explanation on why this happend, is trading gold between your 2 accounts illegal?

I wrote another ticket, and guess what it says 4 days and 14 hours to receive an answer. This is really unacceptable behaviour, if these “support” people dont read tickets and simply throw automated responses, then why its taking so long to receive an answer?

Is it possible to receive blizzard help here reddit? I simply want a human to look into and verify that Ive sent gold from same ip from wow3 to wow1 lol thats all

Looks like im not alone in this problem reddit. com/r/classicwow/comments/dcc6i0/chubbys_quest_to_get_a_permanent_ban_removed_for/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

What can I do to contact someone on livechat? At this rate im gonna spend next month or two receiving automated responses

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Hi Quentin,

Forum Moderators are unable to assist from here. Currently Live chat is not available due to the ongoing global situation, but all tickets are answered by support staff - there are no “automated” responses.

The ticket response times are not ideal, but all open tickets are answered, if you’ve already opened another ticket please wait patiently for the review.

Closing the topic here as the forums cannot be used to assist with appeals.