Firemaw server queue time

Dear Blizzard,

please work on a solution for que-times on high pop servers - asap!!

Hitting 10k people in que yesterday while peak raiding hour of most people is an absolute desaster for the community.

The fact that character transfer is still possible to Firemaw is completely irresponsible. We are facing serious issues with people that have regular jobs to be able to raid at any day of the week. Its not like you can just swap raiddays from wed/sun to fri/mon because there is a que every day!!

In the short term it will probably

A) destroy guilds that are finally facing a challenging content (SWP is great - thanks for that!)
B) force people to move to another server with no guarantees of any comparable pop / economy
C) result in people quitting the game

I know there is no easy fix - but it is your responsibility to find a solution for this because you could have
A) prohibited transfers to high pop servers
B) reduce the amount of low pop servers by combining them
C) work on a crossrealm solution or provide any other help

Kind regards

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This forum is for technical support on the Blizzard Classic (ie, legacy) Games such as Diablo II (2000) and on the Battle.Net Desktop App.

Your comment seems to relate to The Burning Crusade; if so, you should be posting those on the WoW Classic / Burning Crusade Discussion forum here:

Best of luck in your games !

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